Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Dream

This is a true story about a young man who’s father was a horse trainer. His father was always on the move from farm to farm and ranch to ranch because of his job.

The young man’s education was continually interrupted because he was living in the back of his father’s truck, always moving to where his father had to work.

One day, his teacher asked the class to write a paper about what they wanted to be when they grew up.

The young man was very excited about this paper because he loved horses and had a dream about having a ranch where he could raise racing horses, so he started writing a very detailed seven-page paper where he would have a 200 acre ranch with a racing track, a 4000sq foot house and made a floorplan of the house rooms, stables, track, etc.

The next day, he handed his paper to his teacher. Two days later he received it back marked with a big “F”.

He was shocked and very disappointed because he put his heart into this paper and put his dream in great detail, so he went to his teacher and asked him “why did you give me an F?”.

His teacher said, this is an unrealistic dream for a young man like you. You have no money, you come from an itinerant family and have no resources. You obviously have no idea what it costs to buy land and horses, to build a big house and the ongoing costs of breeding horses and running a massive ranch.

It is my duty to prevent you from having an unrealistic dream where you’ll end up wasting your life away. I will give you another chance to rewrite your paper with a more realistic goal, I will then reconsider your grade.

The young man went home and thought about what his teacher said, then asked his father, “Dad, what shall I do?”.

His father said “son, this is your life, I can’t tell you what to do, I think it is very important that you think this thoroughly and make your own decision, because whatever you decide, it will affect the rest of your life”.

The young man thought very hard and several days later he went to his teacher, handed him the same paper and said “you can keep the F, I am keeping my dream”.

This young man went on to be a very successful entrepreneur. He now owns a 4000sq foot house in the middle of a 200 acre horse ranch and his annual income is several hundred million dollars.

On top of the fire place in his house he has a framed paper, it is the same school paper that was marked F by his teacher because he thought it was an unrealistic dream.

This man is known as Monty Roberts “The Real Horse Whisperer”. He is the inspiration for the Hollywood film “The Horse Whisperer”.

Remember, to follow your heart and never let anyone steal your dream.

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