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So, I have been thinking for a few months to try creating and publishing LOW CONTENT BOOKS on Amazon.

This is something that’s pretty easy to do if you have some design experience or at least know how to use a photo editor like Canva and a text editor such as Microsoft Word or a presentation program like PowerPoint.

Professional Programs

The best programs to use for photo editing is Photoshop, for vector graphics is Adobe Illustrator and for desktop publishing is Adobe InDesign. Aside from the fact that these programs are expensive and require some time to learn them, if you already have them and know how to use them, then publishing LCB (Low Content Books) on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) would be a breeze.

What are Low Content Books

For those of you who haven’t heard of Low Content Books, they are books that have very little content and include, planners, journals and notebooks. Some have lined papers for people to create their journals or write whatever they need to keep for whatever reason. Others include logbooks, sketchbooks, graphpaper books, etc.

These have been sold successfully on places that offer POD (Print On Demand) such as Amazon. Prices range from $5 – $10 on average, but can be slightly lower or higher.

How it Works

People create these notebooks or journals, upload them to Amazon or other places, then they will be available for purchase when a customer order them. They are then printed on demand which keeps the cost for the publisher (Amazon in this case) to zero. The author then get’s a percentage of the selling price minus the printing costs.

Is it Worth the Hassle?

You would have to sell hundreds of books to make a living out of these, but for a side income it’s not a bad idea because you only spend your spare time to create these books. The critical factor is the quality of what you produce, because unless customers think your books are good quality (design and content) you won’t make any sales.

So, have a look here at my first few books on Amazon.

All My Great Ideas in One Little Notebook.

Music To My Ears Songs Lyrics Notebook.

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